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27 000€

1911 Buick Roadster

Anglet, France
Details of the vehicle
Year 1911
Mileage 1 km
En avant
  • Restored vehicle
Seller's Note
The Buick brand originated as an independent manufacturer, the Buick Motor Company, founded on May 19, 1903 by David Dunbar Buick in Flint, Michigan. In 1904, the ailing company was taken over by James Whiting, who placed William C. Durant at the head of his new acquisition. Under Durant's leadership, Buick quickly became the largest American carmaker. Capitalizing on this reputation, Durant acquired a dozen other automotive firms, calling his new company General Motors. After leaving the company, he regained control thanks to the success of Chevrolet, which he merged with Buick and the other GM brands. Buick has employed several important figures in automotive history: Louis Chevrolet, Charles Nash and Walter Chrysler were all employed by Buick before seeing their names on other car brands. Initially, the various manufacturers making up General Motors were in competition with each other, but Durant put an end to this. He wanted each General Motors division to target a specific type of customer, and in this new scheme, Buick was near the top of the range, with only Cadillac being more prestigious. Buick retains this position to this day. This splendid 1911 Buick roadster represents a jewel in the history of the pre-war American automobile industry.  
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