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Importation of classic cars

A simple and transparent car import thanks to Veitura!

A classic car is first and foremost a favorite. The problem is that it may be thousands of miles away from your home.

It then becomes complicated to realize this dream for the following reasons:

  • Transparency issues
  • Language difficulties for exchanges
  • Administrative difficulties for the import
  • Fears about international payment

Contrary to popular belief, importing a car is not just a matter of putting a car on a boat and having it delivered to your home. There are a multitude of steps to take that can make the acquisition of the vehicle complicated.

Starting from this observation, we surrounded ourselves with the best professionals throughout the world to be able to help you in each stage of the process of importation and to enable you to carry out your dream in a way simple and unambiguous...

Through our presence in Los Angeles, we have developed an important network on the American market to allow you to acquire the best opportunities on this market.

Here are the different steps we suggest to import your vehicle:

Importation de voiture de collection

For more information and/or a personalized quote, contact us at contact@veitura.net !

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